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KPC 1a       Real photographic card of Aylesford Vicarage, posted from Alyesford in 1910, publish by H. Bross.s. number 1035      £10 



KPH 3a  Real photographic card of New Rents, Ashford, unused, published by Cooper's of Maidstone.           £18




KPC 4a  A printed card of Canterbury Road Ashford, unused and no publisher.   £9.50


KPC5a  A real photographic card of Clap Hill, Aldington, published by Hugh Penfold of Ashford, Kent. Postally used at Aldington in 1933.  £15


KPC6a    A real photographic card of Victoria Park, Ashford, published by Davidson Brothers of London & New York, postally used at Ashford in 1909.   £10


KPC7a   A real photographic card of High Street, Ashford, published by G.A. Cooper of Maidstone and numbered 10. Postally used from Ashford in 1915.  £15


KPC8a   A real photographic card of Aylesford Village from the Church Tower, published by H. Bros. and numbered S.1255. Postally used from Aylesford in 1916.           £10


KPC9a   A real photographic card of Bank Street, Ashford, published by Geering's Library, Ashford, and postally used from Ashford in1918   £14


KPC10a A real photographic card of North Street, Ashford, published by Goulden & Wind of Ashford. Postally used from Egerton in 1906. There is a small crease in the top right hand corner.    £10  


KPC11a    A real photographic card of Molland Corner, Ash,published by J. Coulthurst, Chemist at Ash. Postally used from Ash in 1917   £12



KPC 12a  Printed card of the County School for Girls, Asfford Kent, published by Goulden & Wind of Ashford. Postally used from Ashford in 1909.      £12



KPC 14a    A real photographic card of Station Road, Ashford, Kent. Postally used but the stamp heas been removed, no real damage to the card.      £10


KPC 15a   Real photographic postcard of Bank Street, Ashford, number S 2791 published by Kingsway. unused.          £15


KPC 16a   Real photographic postcard of a football team with cup outside the Style & Winch public house Alfred Arms which is at New Town, Ashford Kent.  Published by A. H. De'arth of Ashford. Not used.           £22





KPC 1b  Real photogaphic card of The White Horse at Bearsted, nrar Maidstone, published by Sweetman number 54392  posted in the 1950's    £15



KPC 2b  Printed card E.H. PEARSON's shop front which was the Post Office at Badlesmere, unused, published by A.H. De'Arth, Faversham.      £16



KPC 3b  Printed card showing a tram in Central Broadway published by Assiter, Bexley Heath, cancelled with a Welling duplex in 1906    £12



KPC 4b   Real photogaphic card of  Bromley High Street cancelled at Chislhurst in 1918, no publisher.  £18



KPH 5b   Real photogaphic card of the Kent Friendly Society Home at Beltinge 6½miles from Caterbury, published by F. Scrivens, Checkle Studio, Herne Bay, cancelled at Herne Bay in 1921.        £10


KPC6b  Real photographic card of Bethersden postally used from Bethersden in 1907, no publisher            £22


KPC 7b  Printed card of Birchington-on-Sea railway station, un-used, Saxon series number 111826      £30


KPC 8b  Real photographic card of High Street Brasted by H Drake, of 2 Ecclesbourne Road, Thornton Heath, postally used at Sevenoak date not clear.        £14



KPC 9b   Real photographic card of Brookland, published by G.A. Cooper of Maidstone, un-used.         £12


KPC 10b Real photographic card of Forge Hill, Bethersden, postally used from Bethersden in 1919, no publisher.          £16


KPC 11b  Real photographic card of Library Gardens, Bromley, postally used from Bromley in 1924, published by Boots Cash Chemists, number 20040.          £9


KPC 12b Real photographic card of The Alliance, Brookland, published by W.R. Geering of Ashford, un-used.              £16.50


KPC 13b  Printed card of the Bull Hotel, Betherden, published by Everratt & Ashdown, Photos, Tenterden, Kent, un-used.          £7


KPC 14b  Printed card of Boxley, Kent, published by Young & Cooper of Maidstone, postally used from Maidstone in 1909              £10


KPC 15b  Printed card of Market Square, Bromley, not postally used and no publisher but written on the back in pencil is the date 1909 and gives the reference to PPM June 2001.           £8


KPC 16b Real photographic card of East Brabourne, no publisher and un-used.               £16 



KPC 17b  Real photographic card of of the Entrance to Brenchley Kent, Wells Series number 4       £8.50



KPC 18b  Real photographic card of Birling from the Church Tower, no publisher, slight stain in top left hand corner, postally used from West Malling in 1912.           £10


KPC 19b   Real photographic card of Maidstone Road, Borough Green, published by H. Bros number S.1205, small stain in top left hand corner, postally used from Borough Green in 1912.           £10


KPC 20b   Real photographic card of High Street, Biddendon, no publisher and un-used.               £16


KPC 21b  Real photographic card of Bateman's Corner, Bethersden, postally used but stamp removed, published by Gouldens & Wind's of Ashford.        £10



KPC 1c  A printed card of Cheriton used from Wye in 1904      £9.50



KPC 2c   Real photogaphic card of The Princesses' Theatre Crayford after the fire Monday 4th December 1916, no publisher, unused.      £17.50



KPC 3c  A printed card published by Valentine, Sepiatype series number 98246,unused

.             SOLD



KPC 4c  A printed multi-view card of Cranbrook, printed for Fred Payne, Jewller & Optician, posted at Frittenden in 1918.           £8.50



KPC 5c   Real photogaphic card of Chatham Railway Station, published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton (number 4061) for Lloyd Langston, Stationer, Chatham. Posted in Chatham 1909.              £32



KPC 6c   Real photogaphic card of Cranbrook War Memorial, looks like the dedication, no publisher but it is numbered (1) which suggest there are more in the series.               £18.50



KPC 7c   Real photogaphic card of The Rose Hotel Canterbury, published by Fisk-Moore of Canterbury, used in Canterbury in 1935, there is a small tear at the bottom and a minor crease in the bottom right hand corner.             £18.50



KPC 8c   Real photogaphic card of High Street Chatham, no publisher but has a number 11 on the back, unused.               £12.50



KPC 9c   A real photographic card of Stone Street, Cranbrook, some minor creases to the top right, postally used from Cranbrook in 1913.        £15



KPC 10c  Real photogaphic card of an early carrage in the workshop of A. Hickman of Charing, unused and no publisher.            £35




KPC 11c  A printed card of Chilham Railway Station, published by F.Frith & Co. Ltd. of Rigate, number 60353, postally used at Chilham in 1911, stamp cancelled with a Chilham squared circle postmark.          £35


KPC 12c  Real photographic card of Crockham Hill, postally used in 1913  £12 


KPC 13c  Real photographic card of The Chatham Empire, postally used from Gillingham in 1912, published by W.N. Real Photographs "Eastgate Series" Rochester, a few minor creases at the top.              £20


KPC 13c Real photographic card of Curtisden Green, Powell's Series, small crease in bottom left corner.         £14


KPC 14c  Real photographic card of The High Street, Cranbrook, published by Bayley, Photo, Stone Street, Cranbrook, un-used,                   £18.50


KPC 15c  Real photographic card of The Schools, Chipstead, published by Daniell Brothers Ltd. of Lewisham, postally used from Sundridge in 1915.     £14


KPC 16c  Real photographic card of chilham, published by Valentine's, X.L. Series with a greetings label adheard to the front, un-used.            £12


KPC 17c   Real photographic card of The High Street, Chatham, Published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton, Balmoral Series number 4020, postalley used from Braintree in 1915.         £9.50


KJPC 18c   Real photographic card of The High Street, Charing, published by 0d. Moir, of Charing, un-used             £15


KPC 19c   Real photographic card of The Peace Pagent at Charing, no publisher and un-used.              £18.50


KPC 20c  Printed card of the High Street, Chatham, published by Thornton Brothers of New Brompton, addressed and dated on the back but not postalley used.                  £10



KPC 1d   Real photogaphic card of The Street, Detling, published by Young & Cooper number 650, unused,            £16.50



KPC 2d   Printed card of High Street, Darford, no publisher but is numbered 8263, cancelled at Dartford in 1904                    £9.50



KPC 3d   Real photogaphic card of Doddington Street, published by H.A. Jarvis, used at Doddington in 1916              £12



KPC 4d   Real photogaphic card of the shop front Woodruff's Chemist & Stationers, this is in Eastry near Dover, no publisher, it is cancelled at Dover in 1906      £25 

KPC 5d   Real photographic card of Church and School Dunkirk, no publisher and un-used.             £9.50


KPC 6d   Real photographic card of a funeral paraid of Postmen, card is published by Whorwell, of Bench Street, Dover, and the card has been postalley used from Dover in 1913.                  £12

KPC 8d  Court card of Deal, S.E. Hotel postalley used from Deal in 1899            £12


KPC 9d   Real photographic card of Downe Village, published by W.J. Abbott un-used.              £16


KPC 10d   Real photographic card of East Hill, Dartford, published by Snowden's, series number 4757, un-used.            £11


KPC 11d   Real photographic card of King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, published by W. Greeing of 79, Denmark Hill, un-used.         £9.50


KPC  13d   Real photographic card of of train ferry at Dover, no publisher and un-used.                 £15





KPC14d   Real photographic card of Dartford War Hospital, published by Snowden's not postalley used but written message.               £15


KPC 15d   Real photographic card of Research Farm, Downe. no publisher and un-used.                £9.50


KPC 16d   Real photographic card of R.A.F. from Manston, march past at Dover celebrating His Majesty's birthday 3rd June 1933, published by Fuller of Dover and numbered 151, un-used.                £15



KPC 4   Real photogaphic card, "Distant View Edgerton"   no publisher,        £7.50



KPC 26   Real photogaphic card of Egerton from the Church Tower, no publisher, used from Egerton in 1912, there is a small crease in the bottom left hand corner.       £16



KPC 27  A printed card of The Square, Edenbridge, part of the Dolhpin Series - Haywards Heath, unused.                  £12



KPC 28   Real photogaphic card of the Post Office and Village Frittenden, published by J. Ashbee of Frittenden, unused.                    £14



KPC 29  Real photogaphic card of Fawkham Village, published by H. Bros.S. number  1181 used at Kingsdown Sevenoaks in 1913.              £16



KPC 30   Real photogaphic card of The Mall Faversham, photograph by W. Hargrave, not sent, but has a ½d Edward VII stamp on the back and has been addressed.                              £16



KPC 31  Real photographic card of Faversham Railway Station, no publisher, unused.                £26



KPC 32  A real photographic card of The Crown Groombridge, Wells Series number 15, unused.              £8.50




KPC 33   A real photographic card of a Masonic group outside a pub. it has an inscription at the bottom E. Wren Gillingham, unused, small stain left hand side.    £8.50



KPC 34  A real photographic card of Gillingham High Street, published by Valentine - H.J.D. Series C  number 59986, unused.             £12



KPC 37  a printed card of the Herne Bay and Canterbury Motor Bus, photograph by Pemberton Herne Bay, used at Herne Bay in 1906, the back has some staining and there is a crease.            £28





KPC 38  A real photographic card of School & War Memorial, Hollingbourne, no publisher but numbered 1541, unused.                 £14



KPC 40  A real photographic card of Kennington Lees, a Cooper series card, unused.                       £12.50



KPC 41  A real photographic card of Kennington  Village, published by Goulden & Wind, Ashford, used from Canterbury in 1905.             £10



KPC 42  A real photographic card of Station Road, Longfield, a Kingsway Real Photo Series, number S 11964, used at Longfield in 1914.     £16



KPC 43  A printed card of Locks Bottom, published by Jackson's of Locks Bottom, sent from Orpington in 1913.                  £10



KPC 45  A printed card, Spring Cabbage - Middleton Farm, Longfield, Kent. An advert for KAINIT & POTASH SALTS - F.W. Berk & Co., Ltd.  1, Fenchurch Avenue, London, on the back, used from London with a ½d meter mark.     £18



KPC 46  A printed card of Locks Bottom, photograph bt F. Julyan, used from Bromley in 1905.               £11



KPC 48  A real photographic card of The Rose And Crown, Leysdown Road, Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey,published by Valentine number K.2015, used in Gillingham 1953.                £15



KPC 49  A real photographic card of the V.A.D. Hospital, West Malling, published by Stedman & Co. Ltd., unused.                  £12.50



KPC 53  A real photographic card of an early trade lorry, W.T. Burrows & Son, Maidstone. This card has got a crease, but such a fantastic card, well worth the price of £35



KPC 51  A real photographic card of the East & West Pavilions, Mereworth Castle, no publisher but numbered 3, cancelled at Tonbridge in 1925.        £15



KPC 55  A printed card of the Offical Opening of the Maidstone Tramway July 14th 1904, photograph by De'Arth & Dunk of Week Street Maidstone, used at Cranbrook in 1904                £9.50



KPC 57  A real photographic card of High Street, Newington, one of the A. Hampshire's Photo Series, unused.                  £15



KPC 56  A printed card of Moorfield Road, Orpington, used as a Christmas Greetings card, published by F. Gane, Newsagent & Stationers, Orpington, number D446/1014 cancelled at St Mary Cray in 1908.                   £10



KPC 58  A real photographic card of Plaxtol Post Office, unused, no publisher.                £23



KPC 59  A real photographic card of the Leicester Arms Hotel, Penshurst, a Wells Series card number 69 produced by H.H. Camburn of Tunbridge Wells for C.D. Eagleton, The Post Office, Penshurst, unsed.                 £11



KPC 52  A real photographic card of sittingbourne High Street, published by G. Ash, number 2857. Postally used from Sittingbourne 1920, some minor creasing on the right hand side.                      £16



KPC 22   Real photogaphic card of the unveiling of the Tunbridge Wells War Memorial in 1923. Not postally used     £10 



KPC 62  A real photographic card of the Broadstairs Town & Ramsgate Harbor tram after a crash,no publisher, unused.       £20



KPC 61  A real photographic card of the High Street, Queenborough, published by W.J. Hughes, number 1923 and used from Queenborough Sheerness in 1911.       £10



KPC 63  A real photographic card of the High Street, Sutton Valence, published by J. Higgens.       £16



KPC 64  A real photographic card of the High Street,snodland, published by A.N. Hambrook's, written but no posted.       £17.50



KPC 65  A real photographic card of the High Street, Staplehurst, published by W.R. Geering, used in 1914, slight damage to the corner, and ware the canceller has been struck at an angle.       £18


KPC 66  A real photographic card of the Crown Inn, in the village of Sone, used from Tenterden to Ohio U.S.A. in 1907     £20



KPC 67  A real photographic card of the Thanet Hunt Meet January 1st 1913, card numbered 25, it is unused.       £18



KPC 69  A real photographic card of the The Crown Inn, St. Michael's,Tenterden published by Ridley's Studios, uesed from St. Michael's in 1925   £20



KPC 71  A real photographic card of Toys Hill, kent, showing the Tally Ho public house, published by W.H Drake. number 24 and used from Sevenoaks in 1923.       £14




KPC 72  A real photographic card of Maidstone Road, Wateringbury, showing the King Head public house, unused card and no publisher.       £14



KPC 73  A real photographic card of Woodchurch, no publishers name but numbered 1004, unused.       £10



KPC 74  A real photographic card of the town Hall & Hippodrome Woolwich, no pulishers name but numbered A308/1022.       £16



KPC 75  A real photographic card of the Windmill at Willesborough. one of the Cooper Series, unused.       £15



KPC 77  A real photographic card of The Street, Wingham, an unused card, small stain on right hand side.   £15



KPC78 A real photographic card of The Village, St. Margarets-at-Cliffe, published by J. B. Madge's, part of the photo Series, no number.   £20



KPC 79  A real photographic card of The Woolpack Inn Smeeth, numbered 2700 but no publishers name, posted from Ashford in 1911.       £23


KPC 80  A real photographic card of The Woodgate Guest House, Woodgate Corner, Penbury. Published by Andre' Page, number 86, not postally used, but a message is written on the back.            £12



KPC 82   A real photographic card of Pospect Corner, Lydd, published by G.A. Cooper, postally used from Ham Street in 1912.                 £10


KPC 84    A real photographic card of The Canadian soldiers at Lydd in 1915, no publisher but numbered 2635. There is a crease in the top left hand corner, and the back is a little gubby, not postally used.                 £10



KPC 85   A real photographic card of The High Street, Edenbridge, Kent, a Well's Series card number 24, postally used from Edenbridge in 1919, there are small creases in the top & bottom right hand corners.     £12



KPC 86   A real photographic card of the Hartley Post Office and showing two Oast Houses, postally used in 1928 from Cranbrook        £17.50



KPC 88   A Young & Cooper printed card The Post Office, Mereworth, Kent.       £10



KPC 91   Real photographic card of School & Green, Stalisfield, Kent. Published by R.A.P. Co. Ltd. of London. not used                  £10



KPC 92  Real photographic card of a Hospital Parade at Royal Tunbridge Wells not used, in very good condition.              £15



KPC 93  Printed postcard of London Road & Wesleyan Chapel, Southborogh, showing an early bus in the forground, postally used from Southborogh in 1905    £12



KPC 94    A real photographic postcard of Hartley near Cranbrook Kent, published by T. Simmons of Cranbrook and postaly used from Cranbrook in 1917.      £20


KPC 97  A printed card of Trosley, High Street, published by Young & Cooper of Maidstone, postally used from Larkfield in 1904, some corner knocks.          £15


KPC 98  Real photographic card of Wittersham, Kent, no publisher but numbered 1898, not postally used but a message "Our front window I've marked with a cross".    £10


KPC 99  Real photographic card "A view in Sutton Valance" no publisher, the card was posted at Southend-on-Sea in 1913, it has minor corner knocks.     £12


KPC 100  Real photographic postcard of Whitstable High Street, unused in good condition.      £10




KPC 101  A real photographic card "Fountain & Church Street, Seal. a Wells Series card number 33 produced by H. Camburn for R.B. Scott Post Office, Seal.     £10

KPC 102  Real photographic card of a Procession going throught Tonbridge headed by a band, then the Fire Brigade. No publisher but is numbered 49.              £12




KPC 103   Real photographic card " Coronation of King George V, Tunbridge Wells Procession. King Charles School Tableau " number 18.  from " The Wells " Real Photo Series                   £10


KPC 104   Real photographic card of a railway disaster at Tunbridge, produced by Harold H. Camburn of Tunbridge Wells. Postally used from Tonbridge in 1909. There are a couple of corner creases otherwise it is in very good condition.            £35


KPC 105   Real photographic Wells Series card of the Tonbridge Wells War Memorial.           £12